Utorrent tracker constantly updating

22-Nov-2017 20:13

EDIT: That (seemingly) was prudent – they do, although finding their AS was trickier than my efforts would allow for. You must be connecting to a tower other than the closest .

I would get Vivid to look into this , if I were you.

I wonder if someone has a similar experience or tips: Tests (within WA) are ok, signal strength seems also fine. (also works on the USB stick to access advanced setting.) Word of caution if you do venture in , I'm not sure how much help customer support will be be able to give you; should you bugger things up! I am stuggling to crack the 450k mark whereas yesterday during the day I was getting 750k .

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One of my clients is moving from Gosnells to Maddington and the exchange has no ports available for ADSL 2 with Annex M.Vivid are not giving me great confidence in their own system if the minimum acceptable spec is 1meg... It would get more people to risk it and if they dont get 4 or 8 they may still be happy anyway... I wouldn't be surprised if the variation in speeds for different areas is a coverage vs capacity thing – Depending on the configuration of Vivid's base station for your area for now whilst they turn on more base stations.Wi MAX 1.0 supports two main types of MIMO - Having just found out I'm on pair gain at my new place in Noranda WA and had Vivid recommended to me, these speed tests certainly are encouraging...This would describe the spread of speeds and enable a check of how many times a particular speed is achieved. Hell on my 15Mbps ADSL I can never get about 4-5Mbps with the Optus mirror.. Got a few tests around ~20Mbps, but did manage to get 29Mbps which is good.

Have almost used up all of my 3GB prepaid voucher on these speed tests.Please post your speed test results for Vividwireless (4G Wireless Broadband) here.