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Clair in a previous episode, but have these feeling of gratitude developed into romance? Veronica thinks he's just having an affair, but Betty is convinced the Sheriff is the Black Hood.

Betty's theory matches several fan theories about the killer's identity.

While she isn't totally sure he sent them, Cheryl encourages Josie to point the finger at him anyway.

The Sheriff says there's no evidence, but Chuck won't be coming near Josie anymore.

His theory is that the Black Hood is the same person as the Riverdale Reaper and the killing cycle has begun once more.

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And they're informed by the recipients, who look like villains straight out of anmovie, that Jughead will deliver the crates on a weekly basis. And thank god, because Skeet Ulrich has a pretty face.Stopping for food, the driver tells the waitress that Jug is paying for the meal.Jug doesn't have any money though, as he gave his last to the driver for gas.In a graphic dream, Josie is murdered by the Black Hood as she sits at her keyboard.

He slits her throat, which is particularly brutal, as she's singing at the time.

was a film noir-inspired murder mystery—even Jughead couldn't resist calling Betty "Poirot" on two separate occasions.