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Introduction This guide to historic gay, lesbian, and transgender buildings and locations in Downtown Portland borrows from a number of primary sources, including Minutes of the Portland City Council, Oregon Liquor Control Commission records, Portland city directories, Sanborn fire insurance maps, and several early gay newspapers published in the city between 19 Special Issue, June 1977), hereinafter referred to simply as “Holman,” and Duane Frye’s account of The Music Hall from the Gay Pride Program of 1993.

For information on sites associated with Marie Equi and Harriet Speckart, we relied on Portland city directories for the years 1906-1920, the 19 U. Federal censuses, and the Marie Equi files from the Dept.

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The reports noted that it was frequented almost entirely by women who “dress like men, act like men, and are believed to be from areas outside Portland.” Owner Edna Jordal was a widow at the time of the Portland City Council hearings in December 1964. between 12th and 13th, now Rosenbaum Plaza, formerly 442 Washington (old number), 1912.

She had worked previously at the Transfusion Inn, a notorious lesbian dive located on Southwest Front almost at water level. The restaurant was owned by Claude Bronner and Burt Thornton, both caught in the Vice Clique Scandal.

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Below is a listing of LGBTQ meetup groups for the Portland Area.