Dating a kabbalist man

04-Apr-2018 07:08

In Kabbalah we utilize the first and last letters of words in order to make connections that would otherwise not be noticed. The first three numbers is the same as the gematria of the 5 books.The first letters of the 5 Books of Moshe are Bet, Shin, Vav, Bet, Dalet. Of course there is a decimal place in Pi which is not in the gematria.Just one more connection to Pi - the Name of God Shadai has the gematria has 314.The Name of the Angel of God Metrnon has this same gematria.Here is another number relationship built into the Names of the Books of Moshe. The last letters of the words in each of the 7 lines of the Ana Bekoach is also 2480. Since the Torah is divinely revealed let us look at some other teachings in the Ebook.

One more analytical method utilized, though sparingly, to help reveal the beauty in this divine calendar was the employment of the ancient science of gematria, in which each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a specific numerical value and thus adding up the letters in a specific word gives that word a specific value; such as, the word for the number “seventy” has a numerical value of 422.

The dates utilized for these historic events, while not universally accepted, are commonly known and are easily derived from the numerical sequences of the Bible, beginning with the chronicles of Adam.

In these chronicles the Bible clearly lays out the lifespan of each our forefathers and the years that they lived when they begot the next forefather in the line of Adam, thus affording us an undisputed chart of progression on which to place the subsequent events.

As it turns out, and as will be explored in this paper, both calendars are necessary for unlocking a profound divine calendar. Our Kabbalist teachers have given us tools to calculate the timing of Mashiach and then told us not to use them for this purpose. Because if i say Mashiach will come in 5 years Chas V'Shalom, then i delay his cominhg if he is ;meant to come earlier. Many followers of the Man from Nazareth make statements about the Armageddon War. These words Chas V'Shalom can cause the Armageddon War. We will see on Tu B'Av what is the meaning of the path of Torah.

Like two sides of a zipper, the two calendars weave together a divine sequences of marked historic events that begin with the Biblical creation and birth of Adam and end with a predicted date for the arrival of Mashiach, the Messiah, just 5 years from now. The Kabbalists are working and the students of the Kabbalah are working to avoid this happening. today we are seeing the idea of potentially good intention causing delays. This is just one possibility and Mashiach will come today - right now if enough of mankind is ready for this to happen.

Most people do not know but there was a book kept out of the Torah by the Sages called the Book of Jubilees. This book describes what took place in each Jubilee period from Adam to Moshe. First Exile Began = 2018 HC The year 5778 is expressed as the year of Divine Peace meaning the comming of peace to the world and the advent of Mashiach.

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