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Eventually, though, her and Tara became public and they had (magical addiction plot aside) a genuinely wonderful relationship. Don’t ditch your ex-demon girlfriend at her wedding.You can’t let fear of judgement…or fear that your werewolf ex-boyfriend will get all hairy about it…stand in the way of who you want to be with. This is really good life advice that kind of extends into two ideas. It’s better to confront that you’re not ready for the next step in a relationship sooner rather than later.Maybe it’s to cope with something else, or maybe to deal with true feelings in an extracurricular way. You just have to trust that no matter how isolated or ashamed you feel, your friends will have your back.After a while, there’s nothing wrong with taking a romantic breather. And it’s good to think that despite all the dating trauma, she was still open to it by the series’ end.Xander was singing about his cold feet way before the would-be nuptials, The only thing harder than loving a vampire is hating a vampire…that you’re hot and heavy with.

Don’t, like, take it through a whole season and a half. Embrace your sexual identity as you journey to discover your fabulously witchy self.I mean, I like older guys, but even the dreamiest, broodiest men should be left well alone if they’ve had a centennial.

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