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11-Jun-2017 10:26

The top half of her hair is a rich chestnut color with a few golden highlights dispersed to help break up the darker color and create an easy transition to her lighter hair towards the bottom.

Around Jessica’s ear level, her hair becomes noticeably more golden with just a few chestnut lowlights to help balance out her look.

This color perfectly compliments her olive skin tone and brings out the green tones in her eyes.

Although this color is somewhat understated, it is incredibly stylish and makes Lauren look very professional and stylishly put together. She has a few blonde highlights that begin at her roots to help ease the color transition and make it look more natural, but her hair becomes dramatically lighter and brighter towards the ends.

Whether you are looking for a great dark auburn hair color, chestnut color or a beautiful color with honey undertones, you will find a ton of light and dark brown looks to inspire you on this list of the best brown hair color ideas for 2017!

Nina’s sun kissed light brown hair looks absolutely smashing with her beautifully tanned skin and hazel eyes.

Though the ratio of chestnut to gold dramatically switches halfway through her hair, the overall look is stylish and consistent since both tones are visible throughout the whole look Jenna looks so sultry with her dark chestnut hair!

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The slightly lighter chestnut highlights combined with slightly darker brown lowlights make her hair look shiny and full of depth which contributes to an overall look of healthy and luminosity.Audrina’s light brown hair almost appears blonde at first glance due to the addition of many caramel and blonde highlights .