Updating basement

04-Dec-2017 04:39

Now I have to talk myself out of doing it at the lake cottage.

If you want keep the wooden color for a rustic room, but don't want the space to feel too dark or dated, use your accessories wisely: A small gallery wall and a large, show-stopping mirror gladly take the attention away from the deeply stained wood.

Q: When remodeling my house, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on updates that don’t actually increase my home value.

How do I know how much is a smart amount amount to invest, and when I would be going overboard?

We will be painting that orange oak dresser and the bath vanity to bring it all together.

I’ve used one of my favorite sources, EBTH for the new lights, wall art and an amazing mirror.

My total inspiration for this bathroom revolves around the fabulous creative works of Thomas Ard.

I tracked him down when I saw these amazing walls he painted for Life Guard Press at the Atlanta Design Center.

I measured a tread and riser, added the number together and multiplied the number of stairs to determine how many we needed.

Click here to see our basement playroom and flooring.

Brooks will be painting the bathroom walls in a chinoiserie style mural in blue and white.