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16-Dec-2017 08:13

When people raise their voices, it does not mean that they are angry.

It is very common to speak louder during a conversation and this change in tone of voice should not be misinterpreted.

Syrians also do not appreciate dirty jokes and they make fun of people from the city of Homs and their funny anecdotes.

For Canadian men: Women with a head cover (hijab) are seen regularly in Syria. The best way to deal with such a situation is to greet those women by putting your hand on your chest and say "Good morning" or "hello".

Otherwise, they will find all sorts of weird ways to avoid giving it to you. Moreover, I would say that for a Syrian it is difficult to understand our Western attitude, dictated by courtesy and decorum, of not raising one’s voice in public and appearing impartial or neutral.

In the private sector, shops, and markets, working hours start from 8/9am to early afternoon. At first introduction to a colleague, it is proper to address him or her by "Mr." or "Mrs." Until you know them well. For supervisors, it is more proper to address them by title or "Mr./Mrs." unless told otherwise.

They close until 4pm and open again until 9/10pm or later. Westerners may be accustomed to cursing during informal conversations. Timeliness is becoming more and more essential in Syria, especially if you are dealing with government offices and projects.

Canadians are very welcomed and well respected in Syria.

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When you meet a Syrian for the first time, whether man or woman, it is important to shake hands and/or introduce yourself.Even if they use their family name, they will never say it in a formal way.