Stanley 78 plane dating

21-Jan-2018 14:32

Strange thing is, I once had a Handyman #1204, and a Companion #4 sized plane.

Other than what was cast into the lever caps, and stamped on the irons, they were the same exact plane except the Sears Companion could take thinner shavings.

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Maybe we could generate a list of other non-plane Handyman products, too? I use it just as often as my better planes which is not often LOL.; -- Ken from Ontario, Canada Don’t go hating on Stanley now just because they learned how to market to a broader audience in the 50’s.

Yes, a lot of the line was cheaper, but some pieces were just rebranded from their regular line.They Handyman line of planes rarely, if ever gets mentioned. I do think we could put together a list of individual planes, with their distinct differences. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." I'm Poopiekat!! I wonder when hammertone finishes became the rage, it was undoubtedly the 1950’s.