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Sometimes he seems like Weird Al Yankovich delivered with a completely straight face. There's a Chinese saying "Flowing waters and flying clouds"- best to describe this song's strings background. I can't figure out why someone as gifted as Webb didn't write more hits.There was a movie, Vertical Limit (2000), that opens with a middle-aged father and his two young adult kids, rock-climbing on a vertical face (in Utah? I was about 10 years old and I saw the primitive MTV on Hong Kong's TVB station. He's every bit as talented as Burt Bacharach but didn't have the productivity. Campbell's version is available on "The Glen Campbell Collection", a double CD set that is easily available.

Anniversary getaways provide a great excuse to take a trip to a far away destination or check into a nearby inn for some rest and relaxation.

We endure much pain and severe suffering as humans do to the courage not to change.

That is the premise of this lyric when love is so worn out one must change. One of my favorite songs, ever since I first heard Glen Campbell's version.

On the same 'Bandstand' show he also performed the record's A-side, "Walk On By", and it peaked at #30 on the Top 100... I realise it is impossible to complete the journey in the timeframe Jimmy Webb suggests as the song is not about geographical but emotional distance.

Between 19 he had thirteen songs enter the Top 100 chart; with one making the Top 10 and it reached #1, "Theme from 'Shaft'" for 2 weeks on November 14th, 1971... But IF it were possible to do those miles then the problem is - where does the songwriter begin the journey?

Last night (9/24/09) my husband and I heard Glen Campbell sing "By the Time I get to Phoenix", live, with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and accompanied by the song's writer Jimmy Webb. I used to think of this song as sad, especially because the couple was evidently still in love with each other.