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11-Feb-2018 22:22

She said hi and we chatted for awhile then we went offline.

I am a Filipina, and I simply don't engage to liar and immature people whether foreigner or not, I guess what my mentor says was all true. Well I met a plain girl 26 you and she seemed nice enough.after two months 1 night she said she was going to Palawan for work. She flew to Manila, then onto Palawan showed me photos of her getting on and off the arrives at her hotel with girlfriend work collegue and next day I work up and said "hi" as usual ...

When in the Philippines visiting in 2012, I don't think I have been asked for more money, tips and insistence on this is how things are done here, type of deals.

My parents gave my husband, my daughter and I guidelines for time we were not with them.

The two brother pulled out the latest will cutting her out of most of the money and the house. However, they always kept their distance, friendly but not close, from many other Filipinos living in Canada.

I suspect her plan was to kill him by feeding him fatty foods and then collect the inheritence. But after having a nice relationship for a long time, me getting an abortion cause we weren't prepared (he s 35 and I'm in my early 20s) guess who was married with 2 children and a wife waiting for him back in Philippines thinking he is working for their sake. We always had a good mix of cultures at our family gatherings, along with other Filipinos.

No love, not even the slightest sign of any kind of empathy. I grew up around mostly white people, that's what surrounded me.

It's not a surprised I ended up marrying a white guy.

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He was a loner and saved most of his money, bought a nice big brick house and furnished it with quality furniture, kitchen and other expensives appliances,etcetera.

I find that as well with newly arrived Filipinos to Canada.

She was going out with Tom Cruise in December of 2004 — we were still auditioning girls then. … continue reading »

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He used a photo of a younger cousin in the profiles. They befriend young people, gain their trust and entice them to send lewd photos of themselves.… continue reading »

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