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The district attorney’s office also opposed Rodriguez’ release at the March hearing, arguing that he “remains an unreasonable risk of harm” to others if released.

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“I’d do anything for them,” Rodriguez said during a phone interview from prison in Idaho, where he transferred to be closer to his mother and disabled brother.

In the letter, which Rodriguez said he has saved, Sant’s sister wrote that she did not hate Rodriguez for what he had taken from her, but she was confused and wanted answers from him — in person.

Rodriguez felt too ashamed to meet, but they spoke over the phone. “That did a lot for me, and the fact she said she forgave me.” In 2009, Sant’s sister asked for Rodriguez to be released during an earlier parole hearing, but he was denied.

The conflict turned violent when Rodriguez, who many times before assaulted his wife, went into the kitchen, got a knife and started stabbing her.

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Wesley Sant heard the commotion and went next door to help.

That’s when Sant decided to visit Rodriguez face-to-face and ask questions about “that fateful day” and her father’s last words. “I could see the guilt that I touched for what he took away from us.” Said Rodriguez: “To be face to face with her, it broke my heart of what I did. I would do anything to make things right.” During their conversation, Sant told Rodriguez she planned on going home that night and having a drink.