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____________________________________________________________________________________________ Albums: For The Cool In You (1993, 3x platinum), The Day (1996, 2x platinum), Christmas With Babyface (1998) No.1 singles: “Love Makes Things Happen” (1990, R&B) Edd said: When it came to his own material, Face was all about quality, not quantity in the 90s. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Albums: I’ll Give All My Love To You (1990, 2x platinum); Keep it Comin’ (1991, platinum); Get Up On It (1994, platinum); Keith Sweat (1996, 4x platinum); Still In The Game (1998, platinum) No.His diversity made him a crossover star and a ’90s R&B icon. Muslims form a large part of the world population and have some of the loveliest names. It means ‘exalted or highest social standing’.[ Read: Beautiful Baby Girl Names ]Aasma is a wonderful name with an interesting meaning –‘excellent’. If you are mainly looking for a religious name, try Amtullah. Anan is a fresh, adorable, and cute Muslim girl name, meaning ‘cloud’. It is a traditional name and is perfect for religious families. The name Ahd, meaning ‘pledge’ is both charming and unusual. The beauty of this name must have stunned you, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy its meaning also. You must have noticed that Muslim baby names make great options for their beautiful and deep meanings and Amal is no exception. Another beautiful but common Muslim name, Ameena means ‘trustworthy’ in Arabic. Afaaf, meaning ‘pure and chaste’, would make an interesting choice for your daughter. This earthy name, meaning ‘color of earth’, has ties with Saint Afra, the German patroness of fallen women. Alima, meaning ‘educated or intellectual’, is one of our most favorite names in this list, solely because of its etymology.But, of course, his biggest contribution came in writing dozens of hits for other artists. 1 singles: “Make You Sweat” (1990, R&B); “I’ll Give All My Love To You (1990, R&B); “Keep It Comin'” (1991, R&B); “Twisted” (1996, R&B); “Nobody” (1996, R&B) Edd said: My dude! Keef went on an undefeated streak of platinum albums in the 90s, releasing some of the era’s best music. 1 singles: “Bump n’ Grind” (1994, R&B and Pop); “You Remind Me of Something” (1995, R&B); “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” (1996, R&B); “I Can’t Sleep Baby (If I)” (1996, R&B); “I Believe I Can Fly” (1996, R&B); “I’m Your Angel” (1998, Pop) Edd said: It’s not up for debate, Kellz is ruler of 90s R&B.He also spent the decade mentoring emerging groups like Kut Klose, Silk, Dru Hill and Ol’ Skool. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Albums: 12 Play (1993, 6x platinum); R. Kelly dominated both pop and R&B with beautiful love tracks, inspiration hymns and downright nasty sex songs.

Meaning ‘powerful and bold’, a girl with the name Aziza is sure to grow up into a secure and strong woman.[ Read: Powerful Baby Girl Names ]We love this classic name, not just because it’s unique in itself, but also because it means ‘unique’. It is a beautiful Arabic name and is not very common either. Benazir sounds like this name is made for a princess. Bilquis is another popular Muslim name, which enjoys popularity in Western countries too. Buqayrah, associated with a female Hadith narrator, is a name, rich in tradition. So if you want a distinctive name for your daughter, pick this name, meaning ‘alive’.

Furat, meaning ‘sweet water’ is one of the examples.

Ghusan is a distinguished, wonderful, and rare name meaning ‘branches of a tree’.

1 singles: “Power of Love/Love Power” (1991 R&B) Edd said: Don’t sleep on Lutha – his ’80s material may be his best known but he had plenty of success in the ’90s too.

What he lacked in blockbuster singles he made up for with extremely successful albums.

His debut didn’t make much noise but his sophomore album put him on the map. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Albums: Brian Mc Knight (1992, platinum); I Remember You (1995, gold); Anytime (1997, 2x platinum); Bethlehem (1998); Back At One (1999, 3x platinum) Edd said: Mc Knight was a hitmaking machine in the 90s, conquering R&B and pop and crafting some of the most memorable songs of the decade.