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"The evidence says that only the very fittest and strongest of the females will survive the loss of her mate to breed again." "In fluctuating waterfowl populations, as has occurred in black brant, female health is often the most sensitive factor that regulates populations," says David Ward, a research wildlife biologist with the U. Geological Survey's Alaska Science Center and co-author of the study.In the study, led by Chris Nicolai and Jim Sedinger of the University of Nevada, Reno, the researchers followed over 2,000 known pairs of black brant to examine the effect on female survival and their subsequent reproduction after they lost their mate during regular sport-hunting seasons.The authors found that female brant survival declined about 16 percent after losing a mate.

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Concept and competition for this lucrative current market features crafted a mockery of it.The study is the first to characterize health effects of mate loss to female geese, and its conclusions have implications for wildlife population management.