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20-May-2018 17:34

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If you are struggling with the words to use, there are some fantastic sex education books that you can use.They provide the information and are written in an age-appropriate way.Technically, it isn’t really sex education at this age.It is really just about letting your child explore their whole body and to start pointing out simple differences between boys and girls.You want to set yourself as their number one source for information.This means being honest and answering their questions about babies.When naming the parts of their bodies you can also include their penis or vulva and also talk about what they can do – ‘yes, that is your penis and your wee (urine) comes out of there! The end goal is for your child to be comfortable with their whole body and to see all parts as being equal (with no shame). They are like empty sponges, ready to soak up information about anything and everything.

Make sure that you give them enough information so that they don’t make wrong conclusions, e.g.

If you don’t they will just get it from somewhere else (friends and the media).

There is a big difference between what a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old needs to know – as they get older, you need to give them more details and repeat yourself a lot more!

Secondly, is that you are actually influencing what your kids will one day do about sex.

Kids that receive good sex education are more likely to delay having sex and when they do start, they are more likely to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections.

Here you will find an outline of the different things about sex that kids eventually need to know about.