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A previous study by Statistics Canada indicated that one-third of male immigrants (aged 25 to 45 at the time of landing) left Canada within 20 years after arrival.

“My wife is American, and Swiss society is pretty conservative.Burckhardt has been told that he was not in the preferred age group for a particular job, despite his experience.Add to that the constant rejections due to his educational credentials and Burckhardt had had enough.But his daughter’s educational prospects prompted the successful marketing professional to move bag and baggage to Vancouver in 2004.

Though he was employed immediately, something was missing. I do not mean to compare, but the difference in compensation is just too much.

What happened next was a series of extended survival jobs in retail and no interview callbacks for months. It all happened in a month’s time and I thought that it was finally my time,” he says. Mir claims that his work has been constantly nitpicked, he was stared at during meetings (which in his words comprised of all “white folks”) and on one occasion was completely sidelined when his boss was on leave.