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When Tessa isn’t traveling and discovering new food spots, she teaches culinary nutrition cooking classes at Duke and works as a consultant in the health and wellness industry.

The Brooklyn cast moves into the house and gets to know Red Hook.

Chef Ryan states the Black Hat Chefs training program has become a “culture of what can be served in healthcare and is a way for us to keep pushing ourselves and other healthcare settings to step outside of our comfort zones.

This is a means of motivation for others to inspire and do more than anything.” This means meals aren’t plopped out onto cafeteria trays from a bunch of cans at Rex Hospital.

Throughout school, Chef Ryan worked as a private chef for clients.

He credits this time to being able to expand and explore the creativity of the kitchen, as he was given free rein to develop and execute meals.

He and his team worked hard and prevailed as the winners of the entire Got to Be NC Competition Dining Series in 2015.

As the roommates struggle to figure out Katelynn's secret, JD slowly comes out to roommates and tries to create a gender friendly house.

Pick any year since 1776 and there is a 91% chance that America was involved in a war during that year. adults are working in jobs that pay poverty-level wages.… continue reading »

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The people you’ve crossed paths with most recently will be at the top, meaning if you go on during your lunch-break you’ll inevitably happen upon your colleagues.… continue reading »

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Lying on her back, Ami quivers in pain and pisses herself. It starts with Ami in a bent-forward position with her hands cuffed to a steel table.… continue reading »

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