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When you purchase contemporary paintings through this website you will be saving on gallery commission and getting the best price possible.Dealing directly with me through my website allows you to save on gallery fees and ensure you get the best deal.My particular style of abstract painting has gradually developed since then.I was heavily influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists while studying Fine Art, and for me painting is primarily a means of self expression.I put it together myself simply as a way of getting my abstract paintings online, and it is still work in progress.I knew nothing at all about website design or promotion when I started, and if I’d known how much there was to not know, I might not have started!

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There is still a widespread perception that abstract paintings are either created by people because they can’t do ‘proper’ paintings, or that they are in fact trying to do a proper painting, but failing badly.

While I have tried to price the works reasonably, I am happy to negotiate on prices, if you look at the enlarged image of each abstract painting in the gallery pages you will see that there is a facility on there to make an offer.

If you would like to ask any questions or require further information on the paintings in the Online Art Gallery, or if you wish to make a comment regarding the website, please go to the Contact page I studied painting for four years and graduated in Fine Art in 1987.

Buying abstract art is easy - payment is simple and the paintings will be shipped straight to your door, wherever you live.

Please go to the ' Sales Information' page for details of how to purchase your own original and unique abstract paintings.For further information see my Art Prints page and my Art Books page.

However, please keep in mind that the HTML-5 site version has substantially limited features (non-optimal video quality possibility of delayed streaming).… continue reading »

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“And you’re like, ‘You’re right, I should die alone.'” Raya solves the privacy problem through careful curation, as well as its interface: Try to screenshot someone’s profile, and you’ll get an alert threatening to kick you off the network if the photo makes it online.… continue reading »

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A heat-gun costs like 50 bucks at your local hardware store.… continue reading »

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The problem with getting advice from friends or online critiques is that they basically amount to anecdotes.… continue reading »

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