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We started the day biking through the traditional hutong neighborhoods north of the Forbidden City.Hutongs (which comes from the Mongolian for town) are essentially little neighborhoods composed of courtyard houses connected by narrow alleyways.

I took a cycling tour of the city with Bike Beijing, visiting or viewing the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, City Wall Relics Park, Drum Tower, Bell Tower, Houhai Lake, Great Hall of the People, and the National Theater.I learned and experienced so much that it would be overwhelming to write about all of it in detail.So, I am going to just talk about the biking experience and visiting the traditional hutong neighborhoods.This was critical because it could be used to warn pedestrians or slower bikers (with a jaunty chime) that you were coming from behind.

My guide, Alan (the name he chose when studying English at university in Henan province), demonstrated this early and often — I got the hang of it as we went along!

What is awesome about biking in Beijing is that pretty much every major road has a dedicated bike lane going in both directions, with plenty of room for multiple bikes.