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04-Jul-2018 03:50

The times are changing and not in a positive direction, so of course the parents are going to be strict.The times are such that they have to take action, and be strict, just so we can be prepared to survive.

Satwant Hahahahahahahahahahahaha you message sounds like its straight from a comic book..take this gal seriously guys.. Satwant, I am really stunned by reading what you wrote. talk to your parents make them understand or just move out of home..... comone you are grown up and adult, if you want to live rest of your life happily, do something.

My dad ties my arms and legs up and roll me on my chest. Pooja, I seriously feel you should sit down with your parents and explain to them that this is necessary for your profession to attend meetings, and it isnt something you are doing for a laugh, they need to realise that you are an adult now so they cant keep on treating you like a kid. Dimple Kamal, Mate India's apparently worse then the UK/USA, I was told only 97% of the girls are actually virgins, isnt that shocking, and here we have guys stupid idiots who think girls there are pure and go off and get married out there, they are comparing the girls over here with them, which is not right to an extent, cos not every girl is the same, so i think the kungers need to sort their lives out, 1st of all they F*********** around with god knows how many girls and when it comes to marriage, they become all nice and decent and fly bck home, f******* arseholes MY MESSAGE TO ALL OF U IS THAT SOME PARENTS DONT REALISE THAT JUST HOW GOOD THEIR KIDS ARE AND THAT THEY ARE GIVING THEM GRIEF FOR NO REASON, WHILST THERE ARE KIDS OUT THERE WHO ARE TOTALLY OUT OF THE CONTROL OF THEIR PARENTS, THEY ARE JUST F***** TO PUT IT IN SIMPLE WORDS.

Then my mum beats me with a slipper around my bottocks, thighs, back. My parents are reasonable within limit, i also feel at times that i need to tell them everything, but if it came to my work then they would not stand in my way, they do realise that work meetings do crop up from time to time and you have to attend them, no big deal. WE ALWAYS SAY THIS TO OUR PARENTS WHEN WE FEEL THAT THEY ARE BEING HARD ON US FOR NO APPARENT REASON THAT THEY NEED TO GO OUT AND SEE THE REAL WORLD AND WHAT OTHER KIDS ARE GETTING UPTO THEN THEY WILL REALISE THAT THEIR OWN KIDS ARE FLIPPING SAINTS COMPARED TO THE F****** ONES, WE OFTEN TELL THEM TO WATCH THE GIGS ON ZEE TV AND SEE HOW THE KIDS ARE BEHAVING, WHERE THE GIRLS ARE BEHAVING LIKE SLUTS IN THEIR SLUTTY CLOTHS AND THE GUYS ARE JUST GENERALLY STUPID, POOREY BAFKOOFS, WE JUST SEE THEM AND THINK WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOLS.

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