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Because you are allowing them to know a deeper part of you, no matter how they decide to respond. Podcast is 50 minutes in length and you can stream it directly from my other website. as an option for those men who really want to try out pegging and cannot find a partner to try it with. Update: I recorded the above podcast specifically for the circumstances where you have just introduced your partner to the concept of pegging. I offer accurate information, dispel myths and misconceptions, and emphasize the health of the relationship above all.

I encourage communication over and over, because good communication about sex is indeed the sexiest thing out there! I don’t try to persuade, I inform, and verbally hold space for those who decide it’s not their thing.

I have been recording podcasts for some time, but this last one might be of particular interest to you.

For a while now I’ve been working on a book, a short and read-in-one-sitting book, in my voice, that was specifically intended for men to give to their partners to introduce them to the concept of pegging.

If she is willing to let you put a finger or toy or your cock in ass, there is a much better chance she will consent to exploring yours.

Tell her you can see she is enjoying it and you want to see what it feels like.

Or…you read an article about prostate orgasms and want to experiment.

If you are indeed GGG and think you have a partner who is so open to new things while remaining unaffected by misconceptions and stereotypes that you can just tell her straight away that you would like to try pegging, by all means go for it. But be forewarned that you may also put her off the idea for good. If you even get a hint that any part of her will be reticent about the idea for whatever reason she may have, I’d advise using a different, more gradual approach. Important – Do Not Ask For Strap-on Play Right Off! Many women when asked for strap-on play right off the bat have refused because they have no idea what pleasure the prostate can bring.If she doesn’t ask for it…do some ass play as foreplay and then fuck her vaginally.Afterward, wax poetic about how totally hot that was to play with her ass and you absolutely it.If you We are not just talking about your lady’s willingness to peg you…we are also talking about the state of your relationship with her…Think about it.

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Make sure you take into consideration her state of mind and whether she is stressed out with time demands, work, children, etc.So even if your partner is not into anal at all – she could still be an enthusiastic pegger. So if your partner gladly slips a finger up your ass during a blow job but steadfastly refuses to let anything near her ass, this is still good news. Explore Her Ass First Two ways to do this…only you know your partner well enough to know which one might work best.