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As a member of DGM, you will be able to join our online community consisting of over 2,500 members. Confidentiality and the protection of our ladies from outside lurkers is of utmost importance to us.

For those of you struggling with an addiction of a sexual nature, you’ve likely never told anyone about your struggles.

So begin the inventory when you have time enough to complete it.

As you honestly work your way through the inventory, keep in mind these four essential elements of pornography addiction recovery: • First, understanding the seriousness of sexual sin.

Responsibility is about making direct and indirect amends as it relates to how your addiction has affected other people.

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And finally, Sharing is allowing God to use your story in a redemptive way through helping other women (again, this could be by facilitating a group, sharing your story at church, etc.). Gegenwärtig verwenden Sie die Flash-Version des Chats: diese besitzt den kompletten Funktionsumfang und ist optimiert.