Negatives of dating younger woman

09-Apr-2018 18:17

I budget my finances carefully and I still do a little consulting for my former employer and a couple of other companies back in the United States from time to time.

I am not terribly interested in any of the stuff I did during my working life, but I built a good reputation.

Then I went to college, got married, and had a pretty good run in medical sales, but I certainly didn’t stay in shape. So, how did a moderately successful middle age guy like me end up being about to date so many beautiful young women? After the kids were grown my marriage fizzled out and I decided I wanted to see a little more of the world. I wish I could claim I was smart enough to say I planned to have the best sex of my life in my fifties and early sixties, but I am not going to lie. I was just tired of my life and disappointed about the end of my marriage.

Raising three kids and working in a competitive sales job was tough. I never imagined I would be able to date women who had all of the beauty and grace of supermodels or top actresses. It wasn’t the worse divorce in the world, but even the best divorce is like a yearlong case of the flu.

Then I stumbled across to a website called, A Foreign Affair, that was a little different from most of the other companies. Yes, my marriage had failed, but I was still relatively young and I could find love again.

I'm a 64 year-old American man, myself, and have lived all over the world and dated younger women in more than ten countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama, to name a few. I am not rich – not by the standards of the United States.But from eighteen up the definition of “younger women” varies widely.I once met a highly decorated World War II veteran who used always bragged about his “hot trophy young wife.” He was ninety-four and still sharp enough mentally and physically that it was easy to imagine this guy flying a two hundred combat missions in the Pacific.That was the good old days before firewalls and website tracking. There was this gigantic universe of Russian mail order brides I had never even known existed.

In those days, there were literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of websites, but a lot of them were small and seemed a little fishy. I just couldn’t believe there were so many stunning women in the world.

We would do the little mating dance you have to do and then go out a few times. I understand that concern, but it was really hard particularly after my youngest son went off to college.