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The priests who went south are now credited with carrying mantras written in Tulu script to Kerala.

Like Tamil and Malayalam, Tulu script is derived from the Grantha* script.

This was the prevailing thought of many researches although now there is a consensus that Tulu language possessed its own script before Malayalam script existed.

Perhaps the reciprocal is true that the Malayalam script developed from Tulu script as the language predates Malayalam by more than a thousand years.

The Tulu language has lost its prominence as a major language.

Lack of serious literature in Tulu language has also hampered its claim as a language to be taught in educational institutes.

Two epic poems written in 17th century namely Sri Bhagavata and Kaveri have also been found.

Madhvacharya’s eight matts established in Udupi in the 13th century were centers of Tulu literature during his lifetime and thereafter. So it is not inconceivable (as it is claimed) that Madhvacharya himself did all his writings in the Tulu script.

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However, Tulu language with its near extinct script has been generating much enthusiasm amongst the linguists, as it is now believed to be one of the oldest Dravidian languages.In the first half of 19th century the German missionaries undertook a renaissance of the language.Unfortunately, they published Tulu literature and materials related to Christianity in the Kannada script as they had established printing presses in that language in Mangalore.(Only the Shivalli and the Sthanika sects in Tulu Nadu spoke the Brahmin dialect.) Tulu script was used by these Brahmins to write mantras.

The Brahmin dialect also has imported many Sanskrit words into its dialect and lexicon.

There was also some confusion regarding the script of Tulu language, which closely resembles Malayalam.

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