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On the other hand, when you begin to see the consistency on these topics, Bible prophecy becomes much easier. Sproul, for example, perhaps the most influential modern theologian, has said that his views on eschatology had changed to a version of “.” Preterism is the view that most if not all prophecy was fulfilled in the 1st century.Biblical eschatology appears to be undergoing a radical revision among scholars. Hank Hanegraaff (the popular Bible Answer Man) has adopted a similar view.

And why did the Apostle John tell his readers a few years later that THEY were in the tribulation (Revelation 1:9)? If the book of Revelation is for us today, why would John write to the seven churches if it had nothing to do with them?

Every objection to the preterist view is examined in detail in the book.

There is always much resistance to a challenge to widely held beliefs.

(Part 3) by Riley O’Brien Powell What is a Coming of God? Stevens Resurrection by Kurt Simmons Spiritual Body by Jerel Kratt CBV by Jerrel Kratt The Ascension (Acts 1:9-11) by Joseph Vincent How Heaven and Earth Passed Away by David Curtis Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit by Jim Reeves Daniel’s 70 Weeks by David Green The Great Apostasy by Don Preston Revelation by David Curtis ******************************************************************* I will continue to add articles, so check back! Gary De Mar, (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers), page 143. There are other preterist views of who the beast was. Stevens has written about certain clues in Revelation that suggest that the beast was Jewish, therefore was not Nero. Some preterists think that the first resurrection was the resurrection of the just, while the second resurrection was the resurrection of the unjust. Satan in these texts may be symbolic for apostate Israel. One can get around this argument of the premillennial preterists by pointing out that the text does not say the beheaded were resurrected AFTER they were beheaded. The bride of Christ (Revelation 21:2, 9-10) is elsewhere in the Bible described as the church (Matthew ; John ; 2 Corinthians 11:2; Ephesians -23, etc.). Or perhaps a better understanding of the cessation of knowledge is that with the fulfillment of prophecy in the first century, the matters of the Old Testament that were vague for Jews became clear in their completion.

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(Part 4) by Riley O’Brien Powell Historic Preterist Quotes by Riley O’Brien Powell CBV (Part 1) by Edward E. You are invited to see reviews and details of my book CHRISTIAN HOPE THROUGH FULFILLED PROPHECY at Also, to learn more about , theology, and eschatology, check out my websites listed below and “like” them if you can! See (Ardmore, OK: Ja Don Publishing, 2012), page 98. While some scholars place AD 30 as the year of Jesus’ crucifixion and ascension, others including the respected Lutheran historian Dr. Maier, professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, places the date of the crucifixion as April 3, AD 33. While this would make the millennium 37 years, the student of Scripture can scarcely miss the parallel of 40 years to other uses of 40 in the Bible, especially the 40 year wandering of the Exodus. Other preterists believe that the first resurrection refers to the resurrection from hades. It merely says “they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” Thus, they “lived” before they were beheaded. James Stuart Russel held to a version of this view. For some additional discussion of the gift of tongues, see these links: • Preterism/ma_• By one count, “kingdom” is found 122 times in the New Testament.

Eschatology—the study of prophetic “last things”—is an area in which there is remarkable disagreement among Christians. One reason is that there are so many passages of Scripture on the topic that must be reconciled.