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While we're college students, we need to get hip to what's going on. Pretty soon we're going to be out there paying bigger bills and trying to manage a family—some people are already managing families—and trying to take on a whole different spectrum than what [we had] in college. Save it, understand it, and use it to your advantage.

Make the money, don't let it make you." Laura Bingham President, Peace College Raleigh Use all available resources: "This is kind of nerdy, but [when I was a student] I would actually ask my parents to greet and serve a quiet dinner at our home.

"When I count phone bills and trying to pay for car insurance and just trying to make sure my lights are on, it's really tough.

A lot of the things I did last year as a junior, I can't do this year—like I could travel however I wanted to, I could go out to eat almost every Friday." Dinner and a movie, the longtime standby of coeds, may be in jeopardy, according to Cooper. My girlfriend and I, we like to go there a lot; it's one of our places we go to just to spend time.

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Ray's tourist-on--a-day schtick is great, but you still have to fly to some vacation destination to put it to use, which makes it more like 0 a day.

Drive 4.5 miles west of Carrboro Plaza on Highway 54. If you are stuffed like a tick after Fiesta Grill, or if you want an excuse to prolong your date, head back east four miles and stroll around the lake at Carrboro's Hank Anderson Community Park after dinner.