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For example, a 2015 study conducted by Lexia’s own research team found that about a third of elementary-aged summer-school students lowered their risk of reading failure and were in a stronger position at the beginning of the next school year than if they had not used Core5.

Another recent study conducted by LEAP Innovations found that “students using Lexia Core5 gained an additional 1.42 test-score points above what the control group gained.

According to the site, selections are sequenced to build content knowledge and vocabulary, and they increase in complexity as students progress.

Core5 includes both informational and narrative text, as called for by CCSS, and the questions and tasks are appropriately text dependent (that is, they require students to refer back to the text to answer).

In the free-trial version of Core5, I had limited access to four levels of the student program: beginning mid-Kindergarten, beginning second grade, beginning fourth grade, and beginning fifth grade (though, as described previously, the full site offers content for pre-K through fifth grade).

The entire program ostensibly provides educators with ongoing student data and the appropriate resources to address each student’s needs.

Usability, features, and functions Core5 can be accessed on a web browser, an i Pad or Android tablet, or installed locally on a computer.

It offers clear and sufficient guidance for teachers on how to set up and implement the program and then gather data on student performance.

If they get it wrong, the site provides feedback so the students will understand their errors.For teachers looking for high-quality online reading resources, Lexia Reading Core5 (Core5) is one promising—yet pricey—option.

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