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Especially in applications where data is entered to a database or stored onto disk on the server, some limitations must be imposed on the amount of data.It would be nasty if a database crashed or a disk got filled with terabytes of data, sent by some user out of ignorance, mistake, or malevolence.Power Point is going to try to copy every possible useful data type to the clipboard so that other applications can use whatever data type they recognize.On the web, we don’t have quite the same flexibility.These are fired when a user presses the keyboard shortcuts or uses the browser’s menu.This is limiting for two reasons: We have a hidden text area that is always set to have some text selected.Obviously, we didn’t go through this mess solely to keep our previous functionality.Now that we have consistent access to the system clipboard, we are no longer limited to living entirely within our own application.

We encode/decode our shapes to/from HTML so we can copy and paste shapes in the editor, and we get/set plain text on the clipboard so that we can copy and paste text to and from other applications.

And we also now support the pasting of formatted text from Gmail, Google Docs, or other web pages.

We’d really love to hear what you think about this feature. If you have any ideas to improve it — or just want to commiserate about copying and pasting the web — do not hesitate to leave feedback on our support forums.

This way, the cut, copy, and paste events are always fired in any browser.

However, you’ll notice that this Fiddle doesn’t do anything when the user types—and after the user types, the clipboard events won’t fire until the hidden text area is refocused by clicking.

So far, we only support context menu copying and pasting for Chrome and IE.