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the fears of people, in regard to sexual wrong-doing, will have but little practical effect, in correcting sexual evils, so long as people are so shamefully ignorant in regard to their own sexual natures.

Another one made the equally true remark, that '' All human beings, from the necessities of nature, must be more or less occupied, in thought, about sexual matters.

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The conclusion forced itself upon me that the prevailing ignor- ance in regard to sexual matters, and the consequent errors of thought and conduct thereupon, is the real cause of the most serious physical and moral evils that afl Siict society.

Having come to this conclusion, it became at once a duty with me to try and remove that ignorance, and then the question arose, how this could best be effected ?

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THE ORIGIN OF LIFE AND FB0CB88 OF EEPRODUOTION IK PLANTS AVD AKIIALS, WITH THE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THB HUMAN GENERATIVE SYSTEM, MALE AND FEMALE, AND THE CAUSES, PREVENTION AND CURE OF THE SPECIAL DISEASES TO WHICH IT IS LIABLL % $Mn, practical Crtxiise, fior ^opttlor Use. Without undervaluing the merits and utility of many books of a similar character, by other physicians, we may be permitted to state that the present volume differs in many ways from any one hitherto published.

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