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17-Oct-2017 20:50

I bet this is one photo that Kate would probably like removed from the internet, yet another gust of wind which made her usual modest clothes slightly less modest, to say the least.

We don’t know whether Kate is wearing string underwear here, or whether she simply didn’t put on any at all that morning, but we can certainly guess that she regrets whichever choice she made!

And yet, we all have some photos we don’t want the world to see!

And Kate is just like the rest of us on that count!

For anyone who used to dread gym class, this moment might seem familiar!

Once Kate and Wills officially became the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, they had many Royal duties, including travelling to far flung countries to meet other kinds of people.

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But for Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William- it became a reality.

Hair sashayed gracefully in the breeze and knees bent for the perfect angle; Kate is ready to win this game.

You can teach adults to behave a certain way, but kids don’t always do as their told.

So she can’t really be blamed for embarrassing photos of her past, before she ever even met the Prince.

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This one shows her strutting her stuff in a strange sheer bikini outfit, with some kind of curly dreadlocks as her hair style. Every woman has been here before, when your high heels get stuck in some kind of grate or hole on the sidewalk. Kate is laughing, perhaps nervously, as she reaches down to sort out the problem, and one of the people around gallantly helps her retain her balance as she manoeuvres herself free from the ground.

Like most parents, Kate clearly has a well-practised stern face, which she whips out when she needs her kids to pay attention and do as they’re told!

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