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"Belisia said, "Oh he will be at the very least this whole summer, he trashed his girly room just so I would punish him and make him wear girly clothes.""He did?What a naughty sissy, should I spank our Miss Pouty Panties?Cid said "Hi Bitsy, Belicia has got you trapped here too huh? " He thought for a little puppy he had an amazing pull. Before Cid could get up Bitsy happily pranced over to the drawers full of panties and ran around the room with panties in his mouth. If Belicia finds one of those missing it's panties for me! *giggle*" Now you'll wear panties from now on for this whole summer.

It was almost like the music was making him think differently but he couldn't put his finger on it.He wondered if he would have to stay in one of her very girly guest rooms and he gulped, but it is worth it if he got to see Kylie. Lets get you all set in your room." As she led him around the house he noticed a nursery and diapers in various parts of the house and thought a baby must live here too. It was decorated with pink designed walls with a frilly canopy bed, with teddy bears and dolls scattered everywhere. If I see one thing gone, you will be put in panties for the rest of the summer, and you'll be put in more girly things with the more things I see missing." Suddenly a cute little puppy pranced the room. " Belicia said picking the puppy up and snuggling him. "You know what that means sweetie." As she walked towards the panty drawer. It looks like you left the most frilly panties in here too. ""Aww no Belicia I'm not a si.."Belicia slapped him on the behind. " She said as she slid the pants up over the panties.