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There's nothing exotic or fancy about them, they are places just like anywhere else, just like our place.

In Shepard's quote he talks about the nostalgia for a place called home.

There's also the simple reason that, aside from the two paragraph forward mentioned above, and the dates and titles of the images, they represent the book's only text.

Either Mortensen assumes we are aware enough to form our own opinions and don't have any need of words to do so, or he prefers to let the images stand alone and speak for themselves.

For when you look at any collection of images, be it photographs or paintings, you end up at them both singularly and collectively.

It doesn't matter how the curator has displayed them in a gallery or an editor arranged them in a book, there will be those images which will stand out and form the strongest impression.

And he's got a great chin." "He is so brilliant he makes me sick." Viggo pulled out shirts from his bag, then candies, chocolates and caramels that he distributed like ***** ***** to each child, all under the astonished and pleased gazes of the customers who by now consider the 'American friend' as one of their own.

Miguel Ángel Nepomuceno Diario de León 20 August 2006 Translated for V-W by Margarita "To be honest about the climbing scenes, I have a little *******," says Mortensen. I'm glad I look like I'm comfortable." Viggo Mortensen is a marvel in 'Captain Fantastic' Bryan Alexander USA Today Few stars of his stature would consider such a low-budget arthouse film in a foreign language - let alone co-produce it, be able to act in both Spanish and Danish, and be prepared to sport such spectacularly awful ********. …."And of course the movie comes out the next fall or whatever, and I told my family, 'Friday.' And I'm not in it.

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You could even go so far as to say the photos represent his search for that very mythical 'home' referenced in both the opening and closing quotes of the book.It just happens to be something scary." 'My character is an average person in an extraordinary situation who has to make difficult decisions.

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