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12-Aug-2017 20:34

It's been exceptionally mild across much of England & Wales today.

The colder air that is over Scotland & Northern Ireland will push south to all areas in the coming days!

Along with crews from @sdublincoco the water was prevented from breaching the houses and pumped/drained away. Tgn— Dublin Fire Brigade (@Dub Fire Brigade) November 22, 2017 In Dublin the Chapel Road is closed at the junction with Drumney Road due to flooding.

In the interim, the families and individuals involved are being assisted with high-axle lorries and jeeps which are able to negotiate the water-covered roadways.

Gardaí and fire brigade officials are assisting at the scene.

Earlier collision on the M50 and on the M9 have been cleared but delays persist in the area as a result.

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It is understood that the householders involved may be able to return to their homes within 12 to 24 hours, once the flood waters recede and the access roads again become passable.All access routes to the estates were severed by the flood waters sparking the decision to evacuate.