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21-Aug-2017 12:16

The words ring something deep in the man's booze-broken brain. His father looks toward Danny and his father, walking away, then looks at his own son. Rafe can't believe it; he runs to the plane and hops into his father's lap. NEW JERSEY AIR BASE - DAY American P-40 fighters blast through the air, props screaming and wind singing by their wings. At the last instant, both planes snap a quarter turn so that their wings are vertical, and they shoot past each other belly to belly. THE PILOTS ON THE GROUND laugh and congratulate each other. You can take the crop duster out of the country -- but don't put him in a P-40. But as Danny's wheels are about to touch, he guns his engine and snaps the nose of his plane straight up.

Rafe turns back to the ramshackle plane and replaces the 2x4 propeller. Rafe grins and guns his plane low, in the opposite direction he was moving before. leapfrogging in the opposite direction, scaring the piss out of everybody else. The squadron responds, forming up into a tight V, Rafe and Danny just behind and on either side of the center. DANNY Hey, you wanna test my limits, you better line up a couple dozen women on the GROUND...cause I got NO limits in the air! Then he and Danny do the leapfrogging maneuver laterally, swapping sides in the V. We see young pilots we'll get to know: ANTHONY, BILLY, RED. Billy, the most boyish-faced of the pilots, yells to drown out the sound of the collision... DANNY If I had guns I'd be chewing up your -- Rafe feints left, banks right, and appears behind Danny. They're almost to the landing strip, Rafe behind Danny. Seeing Rafe's plane still in the air, Danny starts to refasten his harness.

Evelyn listens in amusement to BETTY, a cute blonde with unmissable boobs, and BARBARA, a burnette equally endowed.

Their lips painted bright red, their faces powdered, their spirits high.

The other nurses are pretty and ripe -- maybe a bit too ripe.

Rafe reluctantly lets Danny go, and heads for the bus, where the pilots are chanting -- PILOTS VOICE Nurses! She's one of ten young women, Army nurses, gathered at one end of the car as it rattles along the track.

At the door of the train, Evelyn whispers to Betty -- EVELYN Stick with me, I'll find you somebody good.

BETTY Do you have trouble with your boobs in the uniform? RAFE, IN HIS COCKPIT, is tightly controlled, yet serene. The P-40 screams toward the ground, picking up speed, going so fast it begins to shudder. DOOLITTLE There are some people who think the outside loop is reckless and irresponsible. I just meant it's dangerous only for the kind of pilot who wants to show off, rather than inspire the other pilots in his unit. Doolittle stands, moves around his desk, and shakes Rafe's hand. Billy declares to his image in the mirror -- BILLY You good-lookin' sumbitch...don't you EVER die! Red finishes brushing his teeth at the sink beside them. The guys head out laughing, running into Rafe coming in.

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The way they checked was we had to pull the top up at one side and pull the waist band out while the teacher walked down the line checking. So late, I was the only child and my mum chose all my clothes and put them out in sets after washing and ironing. I suppose she was used to the way boys were clothed then and wanted me to be the same.… continue reading »

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That’s the main reason why I reached out to Kyle for this collaboration – he enjoys traveling with male friends and has experienced the addictive allure of conquering exotic women in foreign places first hand. I had one of my best mates join me for the first week and stayed by myself for another 2 weeks – making the total stay around 23 days long.… continue reading »

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It’s a nice way to get fresh air and feel like a kid again. … continue reading »

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