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When it first appeared on a regional strand of the BBC in 1985, Keith Floyd's 10-minute cooking slot attracted 10,000 viewers' calls asking for recipes and greater exposure for the genial chef, mainly from female viewers.

Over the next 15 years Floyd produced 19 series for the BBC and Channel 5 from every corner of the globe, and wrote more than 20 cookbooks to accompany his programmes.

Floyd had writing talent and, determined to make it as a hack, worked nights on the Western Morning News as well.

A local cinema showing of the Michael Caine epic Zulu, he said, then convinced him that his future lay in the armed forces – though the story may have blurred in the retelling as he was already in uniform by the time the film was released.

He probably would have been the runaway winner if not for suffering a season-ending tear of the meniscus in his left knee.

He played in only 31 games because of rest or injuries.

However, he’s averaging 17.8 points, 10.1 rebounds and eight assists.

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He is a native Philadelphian, a University of Pittsburgh graduate and a vice president of the Professional Basketball Writers Association. “I think the fact that they sat out and got older and bigger and stronger and I think smarter, how could that had not helped them?

This he owed to his long-standing BBC producer David Pritchard, who advised him to fill in the boring bits with "a quick slurp". A committed drinker, Floyd slurped more than any television chef before or since.

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