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It was lighter in weight than that used by other nations.

He describes the Ancient Egyptian javelin's features: “It consisted of a long thin shaft, sometimes merely pointed, but generally armed with a head, which was either leaf-shaped, or like the head of a spear, or else four-sided, and attached to the shaft by projections at the angles.” Egyptian military trained from a young age in special military schools.

He decided to ambush it with his force of peltasts.

By launching repeated hit-and-run attacks against the Spartan formation, Iphicrates and his men were able to wear the Spartans down, eventually routing them and killing just under half.

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The word javelin comes from Middle English and it derives from Old French javelin, a diminutive of javelot, which meant spear.

The frontal centre of gravity suggests that these pole weapons were used as javelins.

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