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When she sees that she now wearing Kryptonite armor, Kara realizes, to her horror, that she is now mind controlled by Non.She challenges Kara to fight her to the death and Alex lunges at her.When they return, Indigo is ready and waiting for the twosome as they're lured into a battle, with J'onn almost gaining the upper hand.Indigo managed to come back and attack J'onn and grabbing Alex.

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Kara then gets a text from Clark to help her immediately.Maxwell tells Kara and Cat that Non is using his satellites to control the humans but his real goal is to kill all Kryptonians.A move echoed by Indigo, who wants to kill Supergirl once and for all."Pilot" • "Stronger Together" • "Fight or Flight" • "Livewire" • "How Does She Do It?

Amid his ex-wife Yolanda Hadid's admission about how he savagely kicked her to the curb, the celebrated music producer was spotted spending quality time with actress Elizabeth Hurley.

The pair also chose spots near each other for a group photo while onboard a luxurious yacht.

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