Charlie stayt dating susanna reid

30-Jun-2018 01:17

"I just see your falling numbers"'s Susanna, as well as ITV star Lorraine Kelly."I am not nominated," he moaned.

Susanna Reid is one of the most popular English journalists of the BBC channel.

When Piers Morgan joined the programme a year later, he pretty much declared war.

Ever since, he's unsurprisingly been at the centre of most of the drama, with his rival Dan Walker defending the Beeb valiantly as the two presenters take the occasional cheap shot at each other on social media.

When asked about this, Susanna Reid said that Dominic is her best friend and she is able to retain her dream job, because of his support.

She said people get confused and think that she is not attached to Dominic, because she doesn’t wear a ring.

No Christmas cards between the pair this year then? Brilliantly, Dan turned the tongue-in-cheek offer down, saying he would be too busy presenting "the nation's no. Not to be outdone, Piers tweeted back: "Is that the one losing viewers at the same rate we're gaining them? Susanna was quick to step in and point out she was a presenter for the rival show.

"When the Beeb later revealed Dan's salary (£200k-£249k), Piers wasn't done, as he added: "So one eighth of a Lineker." Absolutely savage.6. We get the feeling this might not be the end of the battle of the breakfast shows – fingers crossed, anyway...

She has been living together with her long time boyfriend and former sports correspondent, Dominic Cotton.Dominic does not seem to care about the rumors about Susanna Reid and Kevin, her dancing contest partner.Kevin is a happily engaged professional dancer and when they concentrate on their footwork, there is no time for romance.She recently mentioned in a social media site that Dominic and her, make a great pair and he makes her laugh and that is why the relationship is still working great for them. There are some rumors about Susanna Reid having an affair with Charlie Stayt on many internet sites, however, nothing has been proved.

There were rumors that Susanna Reid married Dominic in 2001, but most of the sources confirm that they are living together, since 1998.

Captioning the post, Piers wrote: "No offence @mrdanwalker – but do your employers even know who you are?