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28-Apr-2018 20:03

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(Obviously smile, ladies; a quick .012 second half-smirk will not cut it!

) If you’ve been talking to a man in a friendly context but are interested in taking it further and sensed he may feel the same way, get a little flirtatious and see how he responds.

Reflect on those missed opportunities and imagine what would have ensued had you commented on the horrible in-flight movie to the cute guy next to you on the plane.

Or suggested meeting up with a man you’ve been texting with in a friendly context for weeks on end?In order to help you unpack some of the preconceived notions and deep-seated fears that led you to your wallflower status, here are some common reasons women hold back – and how you can adjust to become a more proactive dater who gets men to pursue you WHILE staying in your feminine role.