App catalog not updating apps stop messenger from updating

08-Oct-2017 08:54

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You then Publish the Image Template to your hosting platform.

For Elastic Layers, you must enable Elastic Layers in the Image Template.

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At the Ignite conference, we announced Azure ATP, a cloud-based version of ATA.

For example, Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent creates local users adds domain users to local groups.

See Direct Access Users Group Missing All Layers at Citrix Discussions.

Application Layers contain anything not in the OS Layer or Platform Layer, including the following: A single App Layer can be merged using either of these methods.

If you have a user login to images from two different OS layers, you will see the User Layer disks in two different directories on the share, one for each OS layer.

I am trying to relate the logs I see in the firewall with the cloud access security logs Is It possible to see the exact times when the user is supposed to have accessed the relevant URLs ?

These layers are linked to one OS Layer, and can’t be used on any other OS Layer.

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Only OS Layer captures changes to local groups and local apps – Any application that creates local users (e.g. Platform Layer and Application Layers do not capture changes to local groups or local users.

Image Template contains one OS Layer, one Platform Layer, and zero or more App Layers.