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As a matter of fact, each Bartender has their own "Specialty" drink.

It is good to try as many of their specialties as possible until you find the one you really like. Hi, im wondering are beach towels recieved and replaced at a certain locations (like out by the pool area ) with or without a card or is this replaced in our room?

After a day being pummeled by squealing kids at the mall, there are no sweeter words to hear than these: adults-only. It's an escape-haven for grownups that caters to your every whim - any that the cool ocean breezes can blow in. This is where you will add the request for your bedding.

Unlimited food and drinks that will come your way until you say "stop." Wave after wave of watersports. There was non stop activities, and entertainment at the resort. Please note, bedding is not a guarantee as it is based on availabilty.

Absolut was not top shelf, but you had to specifically ask for it.

Exposure to food/water that is different from the normal day-to-day food and beverages that you are used to experiencing can sometimes result in illness for anyone anywhere. My boyfriend and I had many drinks with ice and never got sick.

You can take a train trolly to the next hotel and as long as you have your bracelet on, you will be able to enjoy all amenities.i would call the resort - i think it depends on the room you paid for (we didn't upgrade and it definitely was not included).

Yes, as many times and at all bars associated with the Adult-Only resort.We stayed for 6 days and were fine with drinking the mixed drinks and fruit/vegies.I know that Barcelo Bavaro Beach is adults only and that Barcelo Bavaro Deluxe is more geared towards families, but are there particular amentities/areas of the resort that are only open to one of the particular resorts? M (Midnight) a cost per person/ of USD - From A. M (Midnight) a cost per person/ of USD 2) If you stay at the Bavaro Beach, you have access to the areas and amenities at the Palace, with the exception of a few restaurants: - La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant - Mexico Lindo Mexican Restaurant - Kyoto Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - La Fuente Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar - La Comedie French Restaurantyes: if you stay at Barcelo Bavaro Beach (adults only; lets abbreviate as BBB) hotel, you are access to all of the amenities of BBB and BB Deluxe (restaurants, both theaters, all the pools, beach, etc); however, if a family stays at the BB Deluxe, they won't have access to all of the amenities of BBB (2 restaurants, swimming pool, theater, etc) -- you'll have to check with the hotel regarding specific access as BB Deluxe guest, but I can tell you that as BBB guests, we have access to everything We were adults staying at the Beach (adults) side and could go anywhere we wanted (we could eat and drink at both sides).Because their selection is subject to change on a regular basis we are unable to guarantee what may be available on your dates of travel.

You'll have to pay extra for particular brands,but Stoly is the house vodka and Ron Barcelo is the house rum, which is unaffiliated with the hotel and is supposedly the 2nd most popular rum In DR. They do not have Bacardi or Captain Morgan, even as top shelf where you pay extra. If they did, they were probably 'top shelf' and you'd have to pay extra.

However, if you are staying on the adults only side you can go to the Deluxe side and use the pools, fitness room, restaurants, etc.