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Year: 2Status: CThis module extends the study of interpersonal communication by examining advanced interpersonal skills relevant to specific professional contexts.It offers the opportunity to explore underlying theories and concepts, which in turn provides knowledge and understanding of situationally specific communication processes.It represents a key underpinning to subsequent marketing related modules within degree programmes.Year: 1Status: CThis module presents an introduction to the theory and practice of advertising.Courses are continually reviewed to take advantage of new teaching approaches and developments in research, industry and the professions.Please be aware that modules may change for your year of entry.

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It explores how understanding features of language informs the study of communication and how reflecting on communication aids reflection on the complex nature of language and meaning.The CAM course team hopes that PANI will continue to support this tremendously valuable initiative.Another important feature of the course is the option to undertake a work placement in third year, although the course can be completed in three years.Students work in teams of around six and are assigned a mentor agency.

Six advertising agencies come on board, representing the most prominent advertising professionals in Northern Ireland.

Year: 1Status: CThis module allows students to study the theory and techniques of creativity and then apply them to a creative project in public relations, advertising, film or other area as agreed.